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Yoga Shorts

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Yoga shorts - Dark red / XSYoga shorts
Red Yoga Shorts Sale price$39.00
Yoga Short - Camouflage Black / XSYoga shorts
Black Yoga Shorts Sale price$39.00
Military Yoga Short - Pink / SMilitary Yoga Shorts
Camo Yoga Shorts Sale price$39.00
Yoga Short Bande Gainante Croise - Black / SYoga Short Bande Gainante Croise - Grey / S
Sexy Yoga Shorts Sale price$39.00
Leopard Yoga Shorts - Leopard / XSLeopard Yoga Short
Women's Yoga Shorts Sale price$39.00
Square Yoga Shorts - Green / SCarreaux Yoga Shorts
High Waisted Yoga Shorts Sale price$39.00
Bikram Yoga Short - Blue / SBikram Yoga Short - Green / S
Ladies Yoga Short Sale price$39.00


To feel completely free in your movements, there's nothing better than wearing shorts to your yoga class! In fact, shorts are recommended for Bikram yoga (hot yoga) classes.

Yoga shorts come in a variety of cuts. You can opt for yoga shorts short or long, low-rise or high-waist yoga shorts to sheathe your tummy and refine your figure.

Mini-shorts are very comfortable to wear during dynamic yoga or Iyengar yoga sessions. If you want to be perfectly comfortable during your classes, we recommend a pair of sticky yoga shorts like biker shorts. You'll find shorts in different colors and cuts to suit all tastes and desires: khaki shorts, turquoise, navy blue, beige, two-tone etc.

The fabric of yoga shorts is made from polyamide, elastane (lycra), nylon or polyester. Their fabric is stretchy and breathable to enable you to perform all yoga postures with ease. 🤸

You can wear yoga shorts with a yoga bra or t-shirt. You'll also find sets with yoga shorts. Yoga shorts bring out your femininity embellishing your figure and giving you a push-up effect to highlight your waist and buttocks.

Yoga shorts are an essential part of yoga practice, and are worn like a second skin. Soon you won't be able to do without them!