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Flared Yoga Pants - dark blue / SFlared Yoga Pants
Ladies Yoga Pants Sale price$55.00
47991630430553|47991630463321|47991630496089|47991630528857Yoga Flare pants - dark blue / S
Womens Yoga Pants Sale price$59.00
47991632331097|47991632396633|47991632462169|47991632560473Yoga Bell Pants
Bootcut Yoga Pants Sale price$59.00
Yoga Push Up Pants47991748821337|47991748854105|47991748952409|47991749050713|47991749083481
Female Yoga Pants Sale price$65.00
Women's Modern Yoga Pants - red / SWomen's Modern Yoga Pants
Yoga Pants Pockets Sale price$65.00
Women's yoga pants - light blue / SWomen's Yoga Pants
Flare Yoga Pants Sale price$59.00
Women's yoga pants - grey / SWomen's Yoga Pants
Cute Yoga Pants Sale price$59.00
Women's Hatha Yoga PantsWomen's Hatha Yoga Pants - Black / Unique
Bell Bottom Yoga Pants Sale price$59.00
Ample Yoga Pants - Green / SAmple Yoga Pants
Loose Yoga Pants Sale price$49.00
Sexy Yoga pants - brown / SSexy Yoga Pants - purple / S
Sexy Yoga Pants Sale price$59.00
High Waisted Flared Yoga Pants - Blue / SHigh Waisted Flared Yoga Pants - Grey / S
Flared Yoga Pants Sale price$65.00
Women's yoga pants with pockets - brown / SWomen's Yoga Pants Pockets
Yoga Pants with Pockets Sale price$59.00


If you're not comfortable doing yoga in leggings, the ideal alternative is to wear yoga pants! Wider and just as comfortable, yoga pants can be worn like a glove, even outside yoga class. You can slip them on at home and head off to your favorite yoga class! 💃

You'll find a wide variety of yoga pants for women at Yogasty. Whether you're looking for loose-fitting sarouel yoga pants, tight-fitting yoga pants or flared yoga pants, you'll find what you're looking for in our boutique. Depending on the style of yoga you practice, you'll find white yoga pants for Kundalini yoga classes or breathable pants for dynamic yoga classes including hot yoga (Bikram yoga or Hot yoga).

In addition to wide-leg yoga pants, you'll find other cuts: yoga pants with skirt, cropped pants, wide-leg or skinny, straight-leg, high-waisted or low-waisted, flared or sarouel pants, plus sizes. Our pants are made from elastane, organic cotton, polyester or nylon. The fabric of our pants is breathable, resistant and stretchable to enable you to practice your asanas and sequences in the most fluid and pleasant way possible. Our pants are comfortable, pleasant to wear and perfect for dynamic yoga classes thanks to their elastic fabric. ✨

You'll find pants in different colors: black, pale pink, navy blue, khaki, brown, striped or checked, fancy, multicolored or two-tone yoga pants.

You can opt for casual pants with side pockets and drawstrings. For a sexy look, opt for a pair of push-up pants that you can wear for any occasion. Our pants are comfortable and perfect for any occasion.

Find the pants that best suit your body type and add them to your yogi wardrobe!