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47991765565785|47991766384985|47991766417753|47991766450521High Waist Yoga Leggings
High Waist Yoga Leggings Sale price$45.00
Tummy Control Yoga LeggingsTummy Control Yoga Leggings
Women's Sport Legging47992011620697|47992011653465|47992011686233|47992011719001|47992011751769
Comfy Yoga Leggings Sale price$49.00
Legging Yoga Zebra48014870905177|48014870937945|48014870970713|48014871003481|48014871036249
Zebra Yoga Leggings Sale price$45.00
Legging Yoga Shima47217352737113|47217353425241|47217354113369|47217354801497
Yoga Stretching Legging - 8 / SYoga Stretching Legging - 18 / S
Women's Yoga Leggings Sale price$49.00
Legging Short - Black / SLegging Short
Yoga Capri Leggings Sale price$45.00
Yantra Yoga LeggingYantra Yoga Legging - orange / S
Push Up Leggings Sale price$59.00
Mayura Yoga Legging - green / XSLegging Yoga Mayura
Sexy Yoga Leggings Sale price$45.00
Legging Yoga BreatheLegging Yoga Breathe
Sports Yoga Leggings Sale price$45.00
Legging Bande Gainante Croisé - Bordeaux / SBanded Legging
Cross Band Leggings Sale price$49.00
Yoga Tie & Dye LeggingTie & Dye Yoga Legging - blue / XS
Tie & Dye Yoga Leggings Sale price$55.00
Women's Leopard Yoga Legging - Green / SWomen's Leopard Yoga Legging
Leopard Yoga Leggings Sale price$59.00
Military Yoga Legging - Black / XSMilitary Yoga Legging
Camo Yoga Leggings Sale price$55.00
Yoga Legging Short - purple / XSYoga Legging Short
Yoga Short Leggings Sale price$45.00
Tie & Dye Yoga Legging Short - grey / XSYoga Tie & Dye Legging Short
Legging Yoga SunsetSunset Yoga Legging - blue & yellow / S
Pink Leaf Yoga Legging - leaves / SYoga Legging Pink Leaf
Yoga Leggings for Women Sale price$45.00
Legging Yoga KanyaLegging Yoga Kanya - plants / S
Printed Yoga Leggings Sale price$45.00
Legging Yoga Flowers - flowers / SLegging Yoga Flowers
Floral Yoga Leggings Sale price$45.00
Green Leaf Yoga Legging - black & green / SLegging Yoga Green Leaf
Sakura Flower Yoga Legging - Long / SYoga Legging Sakura flower pattern
Blue Leaf Yoga Legging - leaves / SLegging Yoga Blue Leaf
Blue Yoga Leggings Sale price$45.00
Legging Yoga Blue & PinkLegging Yoga Blue & Pink - blue & pink / S
Blue & Pink Yoga Leggings Sale price$45.00


What could be nicer than wearing a pair of yoga leggings while practicing asanas? How about creative, colorful yoga leggings? Or more basic yoga leggings?

We've got women's yoga leggings for every taste. Whether you're looking for sexy yoga leggings to make you feel irresistible or leopard yoga leggings 🐆 to awaken your inner animal, you'll find what you're looking for at Yogasty!

We offer long yoga leggings that come up to the ankle or down to the soles of the feet, but you'll also find short yoga leggings that come up to mid-calf and are great to wear especially in summer ☀️

To add color, fun and fantasy to your yoga practice, you'll find a wide range of colorful yoga leggings with original patterns. We have leggings with lotus flowers, sakura flowers 🌸 and trees of life. If you like mandala patterns, you'll find a great choice of yoga leggings mandala. Printed or colorful yoga leggings are also perfect for other physical activities like running or dancing 💃

If you prefer more neutral, sports legging-style yoga leggings, you'll also be delighted by our selections. You'll find yoga leggings that can be worn to your fitness and Pilates classes, but also for everyday wear, to run errands, drop off mail at the post office or pick up your kids from school. Overall, leggings are a great piece of sportswear. 🤸


Because yoga is for everyBODY, the leggings we offer are suitable for all body types.

Our high-waisted yoga leggings are perfect for women with curves, as they not only shape the tummy and hips for a flat tummy effect, but also slim and elongate your waist to beautify your figure. Seamless yoga leggings enhance your look and fit perfectly. As well as being comfortable, they'll make your butt look great thanks to their push-up effect! 🍑

If you're looking for long leggings, choose leggings that go down to the heels and feature an underfoot. These leggings are perfect for controlling the sequence of your asanas by allowing you to "glide" fluidly to change postures.


Because yoga leggings are supposed to stick to your skin as one, we make it a point to offer you leggings with high-quality, comfortable fabrics. The combination of nylon (or polyamide) and elastane gives our leggings unrivalled strength and stretch, perfect for the most demanding stretching. The fabric of our leggings made from polyester and lycra is just as strong, stretchy and breathable to help wick away perspiration quickly during your most dynamic yoga sessions. 💦 Finally, we offer leggings made from organic cotton. These yoga leggings in organic cotton are soft, supple, have incredible absorbency and are hypoallergenic.


Yoga leggings are like tights, so they're very form-fitting, and allow great freedom of movement thanks to their elasticity and optimal support. So dare to wear glamorous leggings from our trendy selections! 💡 If you're not comfortable with the idea of wearing a tight-fitting outfit to work out, you can always do yoga with looser-fitting pants or shorts, or match your leggings with a longer top. This will also give you a relaxed look. In any case, always choose opaque leggings.

Yoga leggings are like a second skin. Whether you choose to put on low-rise leggings, short leggings or fitted high-waisted leggings, the most important thing is to feel good about your skin so you can make the most of your yoga session and the benefits it brings. ✨

Among our yogis' favorite styles and colors, you'll find: camouflage leggings, leggings with stripes, bicolor or multicolor leggings, black and white leggings, black and gray leggings, black leggings, navy blue leggings, dark gray leggings, blue leggings and generally printed leggings.

Discover our wide selection of leggings, and create the perfect yogi wardrobe by shopping at Yogasty!