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Yogasty, the yoga shop catering to your passion

Yogasty is a women's yoga clothing and accessories boutique. Designed by yogis, for yogis,Yogasty is here to support you throughout this incredible inner journey that is yoga. Fully aware of the needs of yogis, we are here to help you find your ideal yoga outfit and the necessary yoga gear for your practice. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced yogi, regular yoga practice will help you let go and reconnect with yourself. Whether you practice yoga at home or attend group classes in a yoga studio, you will need comfortable yoga clothing and high-performance yoga accessories. We've got you covered! ✨

Yoga Leggings

The yoga legging is an essential item in a yogi's wardrobe. The various styles we offer will allow you to express your personality. The most creative and artistic minds will find joy in our fantasy yoga leggings featuring Sakura flowers, tree of life designs, or mandala patterns. Whether you're looking for a simple or colorful style, you'll find what you're looking for.

Designed to fit all body types, our yoga leggings are made to make your yoga practice as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

The yoga clothes you've been dreaming of

Looking for a chic or sexy yoga outfit? We offer a wide selection of yoga clothes for all tastes and styles. You'll find comfortable and casual yoga clothes made from high-quality fabrics (organic cotton, polyester, etc.). Our yoga outfits are durable and feature the perfect level of elasticity to allow you to perform all your asanas with ease, even the most complex ones. You can comfortably practice any form of yoga with our breathable clothes, whether it's dynamic yoga like hot yoga or Ashtanga yoga, or gentler forms like Yin yoga or Kundalini yoga. 🌸

Yoga Mats

Practice your yoga comfortably and safely on Yogasty yoga mats.

You'll find a variety of yoga mats for different levels and styles. All our yoga mats are non-slip to allow you to practice your asanas properly without slipping. Our cork yoga mats are eco-friendly and perfect for intermediate and advanced yogis. We offer mats of different thicknesses to suit all needs, travel yoga mats for globe-trotters, and mats for all forms of yoga.

Chic yoga clothes for every taste 👇

Among the range of clothing we offer, here are the main collections:

Yoga Leggings: An essential garment for any yoga practice. Yoga leggings are opaque tights with the perfect level of elasticity to practice yoga and all its poses with ease. You'll find leggings in different styles, from fancy leggings with printed patterns to mesh leggings, and high-waisted leggings with or without a push-up effect.

Yoga Pants: We offer a wide variety of loose, casual, and comfortable pants.

Yoga T-shirts: You'll find a large number of T-shirts for all styles: chic, sexy, or casual, but always comfortable to allow great freedom of movement.

Yoga Bras: We offer different styles of yoga bras to satisfy all tastes. Our bras will give you a glamorous and elegant style with their beautifully crossed straps in the back.

👉 Even more yoga outfits: tank tops, sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, etc.

To ensure that your yoga practice is in line with eco-friendly principles, you'll also find a wide selection of eco-friendly yoga outfits. Treat yourself to a well-deserved yoga session and enjoy the short and long-term benefits of yoga. 🙏

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