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Foldable travel yoga mat - red
Travel Yoga Mat Sale price$79.00
Ecological Yoga Travel Mat - Flowers
Foldable Yoga Mat Sale price$79.00
Geisha non-slip yoga mat - GreyGeisha non-slip yoga mat - Grey
Non-slip Yoga Mat Sale price$65.00
Foldable Yoga Travel Mat - Mandala
Travel Yoga Mat Foldable Sale price$79.00
Yoga mat Sweet Lotus cork - Lotus flowerYoga mat Sweet Lotus cork - Lotus flower
Natural Cork Yoga Mat Sale price$89.00
Papillon cork yoga mat - PapillonPapillon cork yoga mat - Papillon
Cork Yoga Mat Sale price$89.00
Elephant Cork Yoga Mat - ElephantElephant Cork Yoga Mat - Elephant
Organic Yoga Mat Sale price$89.00
Butterflies Yoga Mat - GreenButterflies Yoga Mat - Green
Cute Yoga Mat Sale price$65.00


The yoga mat is the most essential accessory when you begin this discipline. A mat protects you from the cold ❄️ and the stiffness of the floor by absorbing shocks. The floor protection provided by a yoga mat makes for great comfort and protects your joints. Whether you practice yoga at home, in the great outdoors or in the studio, the purchase of a mat becomes essential to fully enjoy the benefits of yoga. If you buy a mat for daily yoga practice, you can also use it for Pilates classes and other floor exercises (meditation, relaxation)! So it's a worthwhile investment! ✨


Choosing the thickness of a floor mat is crucial. Thick yoga mats are perfect for beginners and for people who suffer from joint pain (knees, elbows and spine in particular). A 6mm thick yoga mat will be perfect for beginners, but if you're a beginner and want even more comfort, you can opt for an 8mm or a 10mm or thicker yoga mat. Don't forget that a mat that's too thick will prevent you from keeping your balance in standing postures.

Generally speaking, thick yoga mats are suitable for gentle forms of yoga such as Yin yoga, Kundalini yoga or Hatha yoga. For dynamic yoga classes, such as Ashtanga yoga or hot yoga 🔥, it's best to choose a thinner yoga mat.

Keep in mind that the thinner a yoga mat, the easier it will be to transport (in a carry bag or using a strap).


The material of the yoga mat is another criterion to consider. Top and bottom covers can be made of natural rubber, organic cotton, TPE, jute or suede. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Yoga mats are easy to clean if you know how. You can use an essential oil spray to disinfect it from time to time.


All our yoga mats are non-slip. Thanks to their composition, non-slip yoga mats offer a good grip by anchoring themselves in the ground as you sweat. 💦A good non-slip yoga mat will enable you to do your sequences with balance and avoid possible falls. Even barefoot, you'll be able to do the head-down dog pose without your hands and feet sliding forward or back 🐕. If you take group classes in a yoga studio, remember to put a non-slip yoga towel over the mats provided. It's a great way to protect yourself from the dust and perspiration of people who have used these mats before you!


If you're traveling and want to stay true to your practice, you'll find travel yoga mats specially designed to accompany you on your travels. 🌍 The travel yoga mat is light, thin and foldable, so you can take it everywhere with you by slipping it into your backpack. As well as being easily washable, the folding yoga mat is also versatile: you can sit on it at the beach or at a picnic. These folding yoga mats are very popular with our yogis, who like to take them with them on their hikes. After all, there's nothing better than practicing yoga in the great outdoors! 🌳

Non-slip yoga mats are also perfect for all forms of dynamic yoga, whether Ashtanga yoga or Bikram yoga. The more you sweat, the more your mat will anchor itself to the ground allowing you to practice your yoga safely.


All our yoga mats are made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Their biodegradable and recyclable nature makes organic yoga mats very popular with environmentally conscious yogis who wish to align their yoga practice with their ethical values. ♻️ Our cork yoga mats combine environmental protection and safety to perfection. Their self-cleaning, non-slip, antibacterial and dirt-repellent properties make cork yoga mats a must-have for every yogi!


To help you align yourself properly in your yoga postures, there are yoga mats for alignment on which lines are drawn to help you adjust and improve your alignment. In a way, the mat replaces (punctually) your yoga teacher, who is supposed to check your alignment.

If you want to do your yoga exercises and stretches comfortably, you might as well invest in quality yoga equipment so you can practice your passion with complete peace of mind.


You'll find yoga mats in a wide variety of designs to suit every style and taste.

If you like floral motifs, you won't be indifferent to yoga mats featuring Lotus flowers or those depicting Sakura🌸 flowers. We also have yoga mats evoking the elephant, the animal embodying strength and wisdom 🐘. For yogis familiar with chakras and meditation, our Chakras yoga mats are for you. Artistically and creatively representing the 7 Chakras of the body, these yoga mats will remind you daily of the importance of working on their alignment 🧘. You'll also find pretty dream-catcher yoga mats or multicolored mats.

Discover now our whole selection of yoga mats to make your practice as pleasant and gentle as possible.

If you'd like to buy a mat but don't know how to choose one, take a look at our guide to how to choose your yoga mat!