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Yoga Mat Towel

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Yoga Mandala Towel - Blue
Hot Yoga Mat Towel Sale price$35.00
Nirvana Yoga Towel - Blue
Grippy Yoga Mat Towel Sale price$35.00
Towel Yoga Mat Mandala - Blue
Hot Yoga Grip Towel Sale price$35.00
Indian Elephant Yoga Towel - Blue
Non Slip Yoga Mat Towel Sale price$35.00
Large White Yoga Towel - White
Large White Yoga Towel Sale price$35.00
Non-slip yoga towel - multicolor
Anti-slip Yoga Mat Towel Sale price$39.00
Towel Yoga mat - multicolorTowel Yoga mat - multicolor
Bikram Yoga Mat Towel Sale price$35.00
Warm Yoga Towel - PinkWarm Yoga Towel - Green
Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel Sale price$35.00

The non-slip yoga towel: an indisputable hygienic advantage

Contrary to what some people might think, when you do yoga, you sweat (and sometimes a lot) πŸ’¦! And all that sweat inevitably ends up on your yoga mat (along with dust and other dirt). An effective way to keep your mat clean is to place a non-slip yoga mat towel over it. These microfiber towels specially designed for yoga mats are so absorbent that they will soak up all your perspiration during dynamic yoga sessions. The yoga towel is particularly useful for hot yoga classes (hot yoga or Bikram yoga), where the aim is to make you sweat!

If you practice yoga in a studio and borrow one of the mats provided for group classes, we strongly recommend that you take a towel with you and place it on the mat. You don't know how often these mats are cleaned, and there's nothing more unpleasant than practicing barefoot on a mat of dubious hygiene.

Yoga towels are also available in polyester, cotton or polyamide, depending on your needs.

Non-slip yoga towels are lightweight, easily washable and quick-drying. You'll find them in many different styles and colors: multicolored or plain, with stripes or mandala motifs. Because it's lightweight, the yoga towel can be easily folded, making it a true travel yoga towel. 🌍

Incidentally, one of the other advantages of the yoga mat towel is that it's versatile. In fact, you can spread out a yoga towel at a picnic or on the beach and turn it into a real beach towel πŸ–οΈ !

So get your beautiful yoga towel and protect yourself and your mat from all the surrounding dirt!

Namaste πŸ™