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Yoga bra - pink / SYoga Bra
Yoga Sports Bra Sale price$45.00
Yoga Satnam bra - light purple / SSatnam Yoga Bra
Yoga Bra Top Sale price$45.00
Sexy Yoga Bra - Black / SSexy Yoga Bra
Sexy Yoga Bra Sale price$45.00
Ujjayi Yoga bra - black / SUjjayi Yoga Bra - purple / S
Croosback Yoga Bra Sale price$45.00
Sensual Yoga bra - green / SSensual Yoga Bra
Backless Yoga Bra Sale price$45.00
Yoga Halter Cross Bra - dark blue / SCrossed Halter Yoga Bra
Strappy Yoga Bra Sale price$45.00
Agatha Yoga bra - orange / SYoga Bra Agatha
Yoga Bra Tops Sale price$45.00
Yoga swim bra - purple / SBackstroke Yoga Bra
Racerback Yoga Bra Sale price$45.00
Yoga Yantra bra - purple / SYantra Yoga Bra
Halter Yoga Bra Sale price$45.00
Yoga Bhakti bra - purple / SYoga Bhakti bra
Crop Top Yoga Bra Sale price$45.00
Yoga Flow bra - brown / SYoga Flow bra
Long Yoga Bra Sale price$45.00
Yoga Namaste bra - pink / SYoga Namaste bra
Comfortable Yoga Bra Sale price$45.00


A good sports bra is an essential part of any sporting activity. Whether you're practicing a low-impact activity like certain types of yoga, or doing cardio, it's more than important to choose a good bra! A sports bra supports your breasts and prevents them from sagging 🤸‍♀️. It also helps prevent back pain.

A sports bra will also enable you to practice yoga or any other physical activity in a pleasant, gentle way. You'll feel much lighter when you're wearing just a bra (at home or in class). It's also less hot when you're wearing just a bra, and that's perfect for Bikram yoga devotees. 🔥 In addition to being pleasant to wear, sports bras allow great freedom of movement.

We offer sports bras with strong support, perfect for high-impact activities like dynamic yoga or jogging 🏃‍♀️. For gentler activities 🧘 our medium-impact bras will be more than sufficient. You'll also find plus-size sports bras for women with generous breasts who often struggle to find good bras in their size. The bra provides excellent support for your breasts.

Your yoga practice will be all the more enjoyable as some of our yoga bras are made from organic cotton. This makes them much softer and more supple than conventional cotton, while still conforming to an ethical yoga practice. In addition to providing excellent support for your breasts, a yoga bra should also offer optimum comfort.


When you're doing yoga, you need to concentrate only on your asanas and breathing. Everything else must be forgotten. That's why it's vital that you practice in comfortable yoga clothing.

Our bras are made from polyester, polyamide, nylon and lycra (elastane). The fabric is breathable and stretch for comfortable yoga practice. In addition to offering optimum support for the breasts during jumps and shocks, the fabric of these bras doesn't cause chafing or irritation.

Because it's breathable, the yoga bra can absorb your perspiration during your most dynamic yoga sessions 💦. In fact, it's perfect for Bikram yoga classes. For greater comfort, especially in postures lying on your back (shavasana, for example), opt for a yoga bra without a back closure and without underwires under the chest.


Beautiful yoga clothes make you feel so much more beautiful and confident. And our yoga bras are here to help you feel even more beautiful than you already do! 🥰

To stay stylish while working out, there's nothing like a beautiful bra to embellish your back. To make your back sexy and elegant, opt for bras with straps that cross at the back. Some of our yoga bras even have a touch of lace or mesh for a chic, charming look. Bras with thin straps are also ideal for bringing out your femininity and giving your style an irresistible refined edge. You can opt for a halter bra, a bra with wide straps or a bra with a low-cut neckline for a glamorous effect. In all cases, the yoga bra is worn like a second skin, allowing you to breathe and offering good support without creating compression for a successful yoga session! ✨

To enhance small breasts (not forgetting large breasts), some of our bras offer padding thanks to removable pads for a not inconsiderable push-up effect. 🚀

If you don't know your cup size, and to take the right bra size, measure your bust size and refer to the size guide under each product.

Our yoga bras are available in different colors and styles. From white sports bras to brick-red yoga bras to red passion🍎 sports bras, you'll quickly find the bra of your dreams at Yogasty.

💡 For a complete style you'll find in our collection of yoga sets pretty bras matched with their leggings (printed or not!).

Discover our wide selection of sports bras without further ado and treat yourself!