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Yoga Accessories

Are you looking for quality yoga accessories? 

Then opt for yoga accessories from Yogasty!

Yoga is a discipline that requires certain accessories to enhance your practice, whether you're practicing yoga at home or in a studio. If you're a yogi looking to start yoga and establish a personal practice at home (especially by following online yoga classes), you'll need to invest in accessories to reap all the benefits of yoga. 🧘

Yoga accessories are designed for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced levels. Wherever you are in your yoga practice, a good yoga accessory will always elevate your practice. There are plenty of yoga exercises to do with yoga equipment, and the most creative among you will always enjoy finding new ones. Regardless of the type of yoga you practice, whether it's dynamic yoga like Ashtanga yoga or gentler forms like Yin yoga, you'll need this equipment at some point during your yoga sessions.

Why are yoga accessories essential for your yoga practice?

Why are yoga accessories essential for your yoga practice?

Yoga accessories can serve various purposes. Straps or yoga blocks will help improve your alignment and gradually perfect certain positions. Yoga accessories also help you go further into a yoga posture, hold it longer until you can do it completely without accessories. If a yoga pose seems difficult, you can always find a variation of that asana with the help of an accessory, either on your own or with the guidance of your yoga teacher.

For example, if your goal is to do the splits (side or front), yoga blocks will be perfect for helping you. You can lean against them, placing each on one side as you gain flexibility.

Blocks are also ideal for certain balance-demanding asanas (e.g., Warrior III, Pyramid) to support you while your body finds the right alignment.

If you aim to achieve the King Pigeon Pose, a strap will assist you in your alignment and help you gradually reach back for your foot. In short, if you visualize these poses, you'll understand that yoga accessories can be your best friend for starting yoga at home and gaining flexibility, balance, and strength.

The various types of yoga accessories you'll find at Yogaty

The accessories for practicing yoga and learning the basics of yoga are diverse. You'll find all the essential accessories for your practice in our shop.

👉 The yoga mat is obviously an essential accessory for practicing yoga comfortably and safely. The grip of a yoga mat is a crucial element to consider to avoid slipping due to sweat or slippery floors. Our yoga mats are all non-slip and eco-friendly. You'll find mats of different thicknesses to protect your joints. There are mats made from different materials: natural rubber, cork, jute, etc. You can opt for a foldable or travel yoga mat: easy to carry to your yoga classes and easy to clean. Remember to clean your mat regularly with a spray of essential oils or white vinegar.

👉 A yoga wheel is an incredible accessory that will remarkably improve the flexibility of your back and shoulders. You'll be able to gently lengthen your spine and perform stretches for the upper and lower back.

👉 Yoga blocks or bricks are perfect for improving your alignment and supporting you in certain yoga poses. A block is like an extension of your arm; it will help you perform certain yoga poses that were previously inaccessible. The cork yoga block is non-slip, biodegradable, and sturdy 🧱, and it's the favorite of our yogis.

👉 Yoga straps are also ideal for reaching a part of your body that you can't yet reach (e.g., Dancer Pose) and therefore gaining more flexibility.

👉 You'll also find a whole bunch of accessories that we add gradually: bolsters, yoga cushions and meditation cushions, yoga socks, yoga bag, yoga towel, etc.

We make sure to offer you excellent quality accessories that allow you to practice your yoga safely. The yoga equipment we offer is eco-friendly and non-toxic to protect both your health and the environment.

Treat yourself, and remember that there are no secrets to achieving your goals and enjoying all the benefits of yoga on both body and mind. Patience, regular practice, and good yoga accessories will give you results faster than you think! As you practice, you'll find fluidity in your sequences and an unparalleled sense of vitality and serenity.

Take a "yoga break" in your day when needed to let go. Head to your favorite yoga studio or practice at home for a well-deserved yoga session, and don't forget to take a deep breath.